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Buy AR-15 pistols For Sale Online.

The best AR-15 pistols are for sale here. The AR-15 is the world’s most popular gun platform. Also known as the AR 15, or AR15, the AR-15 design allows for many different styles of shooting and gun types, including the handgun or pistol format. Chambered primarily in 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington, the AR-15 pistol is a hot new design and we stock quite a few of them. You can find AR-15 Rifles here, AR-15 Parts, AR-15 Magazines, AR-15 Pistol Grips, and AR-15 Lower Receivers.

Ar 15 Pistols For Sale Online At AR-15 Parts And Accessories Shop.

AR-15 Parts And Accessories Shop has an incredible selection of complete AR-15 pistols for your collection. AR-15 pistols are compact and ideal for home defense and training. We carry AR pistols from Palmetto State Armory, Springfield, SIG Sauer, and CZ. When purchasing an AR pistol and AR-15 ammo, look no further than AR-15 Parts And Accessories Shop.

An AR-15 pistol is a pistol-length AR-15 with no stock (only rifles have stocks). In place of a stock, it usually has a pistol buffer tube or similar piece that does not allow for the attachment of a traditional stock. To qualify as a pistol, there must be no vertical foregrip. An AR-15 pistol has a barrel shorter than 16 inches — this is the minimum legal length for a rifle barrel.